Firearms Accidents

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Stories of idiots are always good but video puts it in perspective. And not everyone is an idiot, sometimes accidents really do happen. That's why video is again able to keep it real and demonstrate what you should NOT do. Most often you're out in remote areas away from medical help, or you're practicing in an area with other shooters. Either way, you should be responsible when handling firearms.

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Why I dont work at a Shooting Range Anymore
Accident with high power 00-BuckShot
Girl Gets Hit by Recoil

Gun safety instructor

shoots himself

in the foot

Gun safety instructor shoots himself in the foot.



chick hit in face by gun

This lady is hit in face by magnum recoil.






Gun Shot Wound

To The Head

Peter is far too close to the scope and the butt of the rifle is not firmly in place to his shoulder when he pulls the trigger. The result - a massive recoil blow to the forehead by the scope. Absolutely hilarious! What a numbnuts!



M16 Blows up in Kids Face

We were shooting guns at the local range, and my friend was firing the M16 and it kept jamming, but we thought he cleared it, eventually we think two bullets were left in the tube, and when the bullet fired, it exploded... One funny thing to watch is after the gun explodes, my friend checks his face to make sure his features are still all present.... we joke about it now, but at the time, it was scary.


Guy shoots himself with a

Glock 18 17 Converted

I was at a shooting range in WPB FL and this guy shot himself in the hand with a glock 17 converted to selectfire not a glock 18, Now to clarify some mixups, the owner of the gun is not shown, this was a friend of his that was shooting it and yes there was a handle in the area where you would normally attach a laser/light, the gun was not malfunctioning he just kept on tapping the trigger, it was apparently his first time shooting it Finally hit 1,000,000 views!! projectjster

Man shoots himself in the


Bloke shoots himself in the head with no effort at all. Luckily he was just shocked and not injured. .50 caliber.




Joe shoots himself

The title says it all!






Idiot with a Gun

Good job of almost shooting your kid. Maybe you should sell your gun and buy your son a new bike.





Idiot Video of a Stupid Guy

and a Gun

This guy is an idiot! Never give him a gun again!




Shooting accident -

Accidental discharge with

a .458

My Friend Grant having an Accidental discharge with a .458 Rifle during a rifle asessment almost blowing his head off.


Blondy with AK

Blondy girl shoots AK at range. Nobody was injured.

This one may actually make you duck for cover.




Dont shoot a gun like this

Scope hits guy in the face.






Elephant Pistol

You may have to watch this recoil twice. Try to follow the gun. The Caliber... 600 Nitro Express. That's elephant gun round in a handgun. The story goes that the guy that built it is some kind of custom gun maker, and built this as an exhibition piece. He takes it to the range with him just to show it off, and the big guy that shot it (in the video) had been bugging the builder to let him shoot it.


Girl Gets Owned by a

Desert Eagle

Hahahah I feel sorry for her. That gun got some serious kick back.



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