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We shouldn't laugh but sometimes you can't help it. And many times people just ask for it. I hope you enjoy some of these videos below as they put a grin on my face and I thought you may like them as well.

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Funny Firearms Links
Funny Firearms link Funny Firearms link

gun control explained

A liberal tries to explain why she wants to make gun ownership illegal.


This is hilarious and sadly true.


Why Woman Shouldnt

Touch a Mans Gun!

This video has made its rounds but is still worth watching as a guy teaches a valuable lesson.




First Timers

first shot

My dad helping teach a friend to shoot. This really is her first shot. Check out how she does a few shots later in other videos.





A girl trying to fire a dirty harry type gun.





Old woman shoots MP40

Machine gun

An old woman in a wheelchair shoots at a target. She says she's going to shoot him in the toodles. One hip granny here




Guns and Beer and Girls

Funny video lots of funny accidents wrecks crashes taser motorcycle bikini.
Song by Jake Kellen





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