Firearms Maintenance

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Below you will find a number of Maintenance videos to help with your shooting needs. The two enemies of guns are rust and politicians. We can at least help with the rust part.

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Firearms Maintenance link Firearms Maintenance link

Cleaning the WASR

plus some tips

Okay, this is a better version of my first cleaning video. I also show you guys a couple of things I've learned about the AK/WASR that you might not know if you're new like myself. I go through it a bit fast to save time, since most of my videos seem to be 10 minutes.


Handgun Maintenance:

Oiling Your Gun 2/2

Lubricating your Gun. This is part 2 of 2. Demonstration on Glock 19. Part 1 is Field Strip and Cleaning.




Pistol Cleaning

by Nutnfancy:

The Glock Example

Normally it takes about 10 minutes per gun more on this video because of all the explanations as I went (blabbering).


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