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Below you will find a number of Firearms Reviews videos to help with your shooting needs. It can help to hear someone else give their opinion of a firearm before you make that costly purchase. How does it handle? Good for concealed carry? Costly to operate? Easy to maintain? It doesn't hurt to view a video first to see if you even want to invest the time in shopping for that perfect firearm.

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Firearms Reviews Links
Kel-Tec SUB-2000, the Mousegunner's Carbine Firearms Reviews link

Stoner 63

Unbelievable weapon!






The best concealed

weapon ever made!

The Flashlight gun!


Concealed Carry Holsters

& Outfits for Women

This video shows an assortment of my various Ruger LCR holsters, which I use to conceal carry on a daily basis. I do have my CPL/CCW and know how hard it is for a girl to conceal a gun comfortably in public, so I hope to show other females that there truly are lots of concealed carry options available that will work for us!

The Firearms Channel

test fire and review of

Cobra Firearms

Big Bore Derringer


Colt Commander

Gun Review 1911

This is a gun review with shooting, field stripping and the history of this incredible firearm in the Lightweight model. The first major production pistol with an aluminum frame. The little brother to the Colt 1911 pistol, the Colt Commander is one of my favorite pistols. This pistol is chambered for the 9mm, 38 Super or 45 acp.

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