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Below you will find a directory of firearms shooting instructors to improve your current skills or to become familiar with your new firearms as a beginner. Nothing will beat a hands-on certified instructor to help you feel more confident using your firearms.

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Alaska Tactical and Security, Inc. ~ Various courses for different skill levels
Chuck Taylor's American Small Arms Academy ~ Handgun, rifle, shotgun and other courses
Defense Associates ~ Firearms training and lethal force management courses
Firearms Academy of Seattle, Inc. ~ Fundamentals of home defense, handgun safety and more
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute ~ Wide variety of firearms training courses
Gator Farm Tactical LLC ~ Advanced and tactical classes
Massad Ayoob Group ~ Several courses of introductory and advanced training
Midwest Training Group ~ Professional firearms instruction for civilians and law enforcement
NOLaTac ~ Firearms/ self defense training to any law-abiding American citizen who wants to learn
Rangemaster ~ Numerous courses available
Sand Burr Gun Ranch ~ One of the premiere training facilities in the Midwest
Tactical Anatomy ~ Truly original approach to deadly force training
The Civilian Marksmanship Program ~ Training and educating US citizens in firearm use
Urban Warfare Center™ ~ Premier force-on-force training facility

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