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You will find listed below, a directory of over 300+ Firearms Manufacturers. A directory of Distributors follows.

Gunsmiths can be found here.

If you know of a Manufacturers related link that is not listed, please have them contact us and we'll be glad to add their listing to our directory.

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7.62mm Firearms ~ Semi Auto M14 Rifles and AR15 Rifle Spikes Tactical - Mil Spec - Made in USA
Accu-Tek Firearms ~ Semi-Auto pistols
Accuracy International Ltd. ~ Sniper rifle systems
Accurate Arms ~ Custom carbon & stainless steel rifles
Adamy Jagdwaffen ~ Single shot rifle, side-by-side and over-and-under shotguns
AK-103 ~ AK-USA provides only the highest quality custom work and parts
Alexander Arms ~ 50 Beowulf® and 6.5 Grendel® rifles
ALFA - PROJ ~ Revolvers, pistols, carbines, air pistol and rifles and accessories
Alliance Armament ~ Full manufacturing facility dealing in all Tactical and NFA firearms
American Derringer ~ Derringers
American Hunting Rifles ~ Hunting rifles, Howell big game cartridges
American Precision Arms ~ Tactical, hunting and competition rifles, shotguns and parts
American Spirit Arms ~ AR15 ®, M16 rifle ® and M4 carbine
American Tactical Imports ~ Semi-Auto pistols, knives and more
American Western Arms ~ Single-action revolver replicas, Lightning rifle
ANSCHÜTZ ~ High performance hunting and rimfire rifles
ArmaLite Inc. ~ AR rifles, pistols and components
Armi Chiappa ~ Replica firearms, Kentucky rifle and pistol percussion and flintlock .45 calibers
Armi Sport ~ Fine replica firearms, muzzle loading and breech loading rifles and 1911-22 pistols
Armscor ~ Bringing the best of the Philippines to the rest of the world
Arsenal Inc. ~ US manufacturer of quality assualt rifles
Art & Arms, Ltd. ~ Quality reproductions of historic rifles
Artax, Inc. ~ Match lock, flint lock, percussion lock, breech and archery
Atkin Grant & Lang ~ Makers of the best quality breech loading guns & rifles
Aurora Tactical ~ Custom sniper rifles and suppressors
Auto-Ordnance ~ Thompson/Auto-Ordnance long guns and pistols
AWC Systems Technology ~ America's silent majority, Amphibian S .22LR suppressed pistol
AYA, Aguire y Aranzabal ~ High quality side by side and side lock double guns
B. Searcy and Co. ~ Double rifles and stalking rifles
Ballard Arms ~ Custom hand crafted guild quality firearms, rifles, shotguns, restorations and parts
Bansner's Ultimate Rifles, LLC. ~ Ultimate series rifles
Barrett ~ World leader in large-caliber rifle design and manufacturing
Benelli USA ~ Shotguns, over 120 models
Beretta International ~ International website with full line
Beretta U.S.A Corp ~ US website with hunting, pistol and western firearms
Bersa ~ Thunder and Firestorm pistol/revolver lines
BirdnClay ~ Turkish made shotguns
Blaser USA, Inc. ~ Hunting and sport rifles
Bluegrass Armory ~ Single shot bolt action Viper 50BMG
Boberg Arms Corporation ~ Full-sized 9mm/9mm+P pistol in a pocket-sized form
Bond Arms Inc. ~ .45 Long Colt & .410 Buckshot Double Barrel Derringers
Borden Rifles ~ Precision hunting rifles , varmint and competition benchrest rifles
Bowen Classic Arms Corporation ~ Revolver makers
Bretton & Gaucher ~ High quality shotguns and rifles
Briley Manufacturing ~ Shotguns, handguns, rifles and traps
Brown Precision, Inc. ~ Manufacturer of custom high performance rifles & stocks
Browning ~ Shotguns, rifles, handguns and more
Brügger & Thomet AG (B&T) ~ Small arms, ammunition, accessories and suppressors
BUL Ltd. ~ Cherokee and M-5 semi-auto pistols
Bushmaster Firearms ~ Leading supplier of AR15 type rifles in the United States
C3 Defense, Inc. ~ AR-15 platform rifles and suppressors
Caesar Guerini USA ~ Over/under trap, field, ellipse, impact and sporting guns
Calico ~ Light Weapon Systems
Century International Arms Inc. ~ Exclusive importer of Arcus pistols
Champlin Firearms, Inc. ~ Made to order custom rifle with quality wood and steel
Chapuis Armes ~ Side-by-Side double, bolt action rifles and revolvers
Charter Arms ~ Revolvers and Derringer revolvers
CheyTac™ LLC ~ Long range precision rifles
Christensen Arms ~ Custom rifles
Cimarron Firearms Co. ~ Cowboy action shooting firearms
CMMG Inc. ~ M4, bull barrel rifles and 5.56 pistols
Cobra Firearms ~ American made semi-autos, revolvers and Derringers
Cogswell & Harrison (Gunmakers) Ltd. ~ Master gunmakers in London since 1770
Cole Arms Inc. ~ Premium custom shotguns for the discriminating Trapshooter
Colt .22 Tactical Rimfire ~ 1911 .22, M4 Carbine, M4 Ops, M16 Rifle, M16 SPR and accessories
Colt Defense ~ Law Enforcement, Military Private Security Support Center
Colt's Manufacturing Company LLC ~ Legendary revolver, pistol and rifle manufacturer
Connecticut Shotgun Mfg. Co. ~ Masters in the art of gun making
Connecticut Valley Arms (CVA) ~ Muzzleloaders
Constitution Arms™ ~ The Palm Pistol® is an ergonomically innovative single shot defensive firearm
Cooper Firearms of Montana Inc. ~ Custom repeating and single shot bolt action rifles
Core15 Rifle Systems ~ AR-15 styled rifles
Cosmi ~ Only semi-automatic shotgun in the world that opens up like a side-by-side gun
Crickett Firearms ~ Single shot .22 & .17 caliber rifles, single shot hunter pistol and stocks
Crusader Weaponry ~ AR-10 patterned rifles and 10mm handguns
Custom Muzzleloader Works ~ Custom made rifles, pistols, and muskets
CZ-USA ~ Shotguns, rifles and handguns
Czec Weapons ~ Research and development organization
Dakota Arms ~ Premium shotguns and rifles
Daniel Defense, Inc™ ~ M4 carbines and accessories
David McKay Brown (Gunmakers) Ltd. ~ Side-by-side, over and under, round action rifles and more
Davide Pedersoli & C. ~ Muzzleloading and cartridge replica firearms
Del-Ton, Inc. ~ AR-15 rifles, parts and accessories
Desert Ordnance ~ Manufacturer of the Semi-Auto M-249 SAW, and Semi-Auto M-60
Desert Tactical Arms ~ Stealth Recon Scout (SRS), one platform, 4 missions
Desert Toys ~ Rebel .50 BMG
Detonics ~ Spear-heading the future of pistol design
Diamondback Firearms ~ Maker of DB380 and DB380N handguns
Dlask Arms ~ 1911's, AR styled rifles and custom shotguns

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DoubleStar Corp. ~ Kentucky manufactured AR-15 and M-16 rifles, carbines and 1911
DPMS Firearms, LLC ~ AR-style rifles, components and accessories
DS Arms, Inc. ~ M16 series rifle and FN FAL 7.62 rifle manufacturer
Dumoulin Herstal ~ Several models to meet the specific esthetic needs of different types of hunting
D.Z. Arms ~ Manufacturing top quality Remington #3 Hepburn Rifles and more
E.D.M. Arms ~ Home of the .50 Cal BMG Windrunner M96
E.J. Churchill Gun Makers ~ Side by side shotguns
East Ridge Gun Company Inc. ~ Home of the State Arms .50 BMG
Ed Brown Products ~ The highest grade 1911's and high performance rifles
Entréprise Arms ~ Several carbine 308 rifles, 1911 parts, magazines, sights and more
European American Armory, Corp. (EAAcorp) ~ .50 caliber BMG, 7.62x39 P.A.P. rifle and more
Evolution USA ~ Bolt rifles, hunting and English styled double rifles
Excel Industries, Inc. ~ X-22 Pistol and rifle, Accelerator model pistol and rifles
F.A.I.R.® (Fabbrica Armi Isidoro Rizzini) ~ Hunting and sport guns
Fabarm ~ Shotguns, bolt action and home defense with incredible detail
Falco Arms ~ Hunting guns and rifles specializing in small caliber
Famars ~ Premium over and under, side by side shotguns and rifles
Fausti Stefano Arms Factory ~ Side-by-side, over and under, game, sport and competition shotguns
FeatherUSA ~ Backpacker style pistols and rifles
Feinwerkbau ~ High-precision sporting weapons
Ferguson Custom Rifles ~ Custom big-game rifles
Flodman Guns ~ A unique Swedish gun for hunting and sport shooting
FN Manufacturing, LLC ~ M16 rifles, M249 and M240 light/medium machine guns, and FNP pistols
FNH USA - Commercial ~ Handguns, shotguns, rifles, carbines, tactical and ammo
FNH USA - Military ~ Assault rifles, machine guns, handguns and rifles
Franchi Shotguns ~ World class hunting and competition shotguns
Freedom Arms Inc. ~ Premium revolvers
Fulton Armory ~ M1, M14/M1A, AR-15 and AR-10/M110
G.A. Precision ~ FBI HRT, Gladius, Crusader, Rock, Hospitaller, Precision AR-10 rifles and more
Gatling Guns ~ Website still under construction
Gewehr Werks ~ AK-74, M-92, V93/33, G-91 rifle and 191A4 Semi-auto
Gibbs Rifle Company, Inc. ~ Product line of historical firearm remakes
Glock ~ Pistols, tactical lights and accessories
Glock (Team Glock) ~ Site shows all of their famous handgun lineup
Griffin & Howe ~ Finest in firearms since 1923
Grulla Armas ~ The Royal shotgun, the perfect gun for the discriminating sportsman
Gunsmoke Enterprises ~ AR-15 styled rifles and more
H-S Precision ~ Pro-Series 2000 line of semi-custom bolt action rifles and pistols
H&K - Heckler & Koch ~ Semi-auto pistols and rifles
H&K - Heckler & Koch 22 Rimfire ~ H&K Tactical Replicas chambered in .22 LR
H&R 1871, LLC (Harrington & Richardson) ~ Largest manufacturer of single shot shotguns and rifles
Hambrusch Hunting Weapons ~ Large selection of Austrian made hunting rifles and shotguns
Hatcher Gun Company ~ AR-15's, target, varmint, hunting, tactical, pistols and more
Hatsan Arms Company ~ Manufacturer of the ESCORT semi auto and pump action shotgun line
Henry Repeating Arms Company ~ Great selection of lever action, pump and youth bolt action
Heritage Guns ~ Historic, aesthetically delightful guns suitable for use in the modern sporting
Heritage Manufacturing, Inc. ~ Western single action revolvers
Heym bei Frankonia ~ Gorgeous hunting shotguns and rifles
Hi-Point Firearms ~ Semi-automatic handguns and carbines are available in several calibers
High Standard Manufacturing ~ HSA-15 rifle series, 1911 pistols and 22cal. target pistols
High Tech Customs ~ Precision built custom rifles
Hill Country Rifles ~ In-stock, in-production custom rifles
Holland & Holland ~ Traditional gun making in London
Huglu Shotguns ~ Trap and sporting shotguns made with Turkish walnut stocks
I.O. Inc. ~ AK-47 type rifles and Hellcat .380 pistols
In Range C2 ~ Specializing in Krinkov conversions and repairs on AK variants
Infinity Firearms ~ Some of the most unique 1911's in the world
Investarm ~ Field and competition shotguns
Iron Brigade Armory ~ IBA XM-3, Chandler sniper rifles and more
Ithaca Gun Company ~ Pump action shotguns from hunting to home defense
Jarrett Rifles ~ Nice line of rifles and customs
JP Enterprises, Inc. ~ Tactical styled rifles, chassis, receivers, accessories and more
Jimenez Arms Inc. ~ Pistols in .22, .25, .380 and 9mm calibers
Johann Fanzoj ~ Fine gun & riflemakers established 1790
John Dickson & Son Ltd ~ Scotlands leading maker and supplier of fine sporting guns
John Rigby & Co. ~ Quality made rifles and shotguns
John's Guns ~ Fully suppressed rifles and fully suppressed pistols
Kahr Arms ~ .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 9mm and .380 ACP pistols
Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc. ~ Development and production of high-performance firearms
Kahn Shotguns ~ Turkish made shotguns
Karl Hauptmann ~ Incredibly detailed Austrian made hunting rifles
Kimber ~ Some of the finest 1911 handguns in the world, rifles and accessories too
Kimber Law Enforcement ~ Tactical rifles, pistols, less-lethal products and accessories
Knight Rifles ~ Inline muzzle loaders, bullets and sabots, stocks and accessories
Knight's Armament Company ~ AR styled rifles, snipers, suppressors and more
Kolar Arms ~ Quality line of American made skeet, sporting and trap shotguns
KORA Brno Products ~ Revolvers and revolver rifles, interactive website
Korriphila ~ KORRIPHILA HSP 701, the legendary large-calibre pistol
Korth USA ~ 9mm semi-auto pistols and revolvers in .22, .38 and .357 calibers
Krebs Custom ~ Semiautomatic Kalashnikov rifles
Krieghoff International Inc. ~ Competition shotguns, hunting guns, trap shooting and more
KRISS-TDI ~ Super V System (KSVS) and the KRISS Vector SMG .45 ACP, suppressors and more
Lakeside Guns ~ The worlds only manufacturer of Micro-Beltfed Firearms
Lanber USA ~ Hunting, competition and semi-auto shotguns
LAR Manufacturing, Inc. ~ Grizzly Big Boar .50BMG rifle, .50BMG Tactical Rifle, Mark 1 handgun
LaRue Tactical ~ OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle) Complete 7.62 or 5.56 rifles
Lauer Custom Weaponry ~ LCW15 target, battle and urban responder rifles, suppressors and more
Lazzeroni Arms Company ~ Quality rifles and ammunition for the discriminating hunter
Lebeau-Courally ~ High class shotguns and rifles
Les Baer Custom ~ 1911 pistols, AR and tactical bolt action rifles, parts and accessories
Lewis Machine & Tool Company, Inc. (LMT) ~ Weapons, components, and modular weapon systems
Little Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company ~ Little Sharps Rifles in a 38-55 and 45 Colt Calibers
Lone Star Rifle Company ~ Custom manufacture a Black Powder Cartridge Rolling Block
Luciano Bosis ~ Highly detailed custom made shotguns
Ljutic LLC ~ The Classic Mono Gun is available in six models
LWRC International ~ M6™ rifles, upper/lower receivers, components and accessories
Magnum Research, Inc. ~ World famous Desert Eagle Pistols, revolver, centerfire and rimfire rifles
Marcolmar Firearms LLC. ~ Semi-auto PKM's and accessories
Mark Wheland Rifles ~ Hand-crafted, maple blank and the highest quality American-made parts
Marlin Firearms ~ Great lineup of quality rifles
Marocchi ~ Italian made shotguns, rifles and air rifles
MasterPiece Arms ~ Concealed carry and tactical pistols in .22, .380, 9mm and 45ACP
Mauser ~ Incredibly detailed rifles
Maverick Arms ~ Mossberg's pump action, field and security model shotguns
McMillan ~ TAC-series tactical rifles, M1A and a line of high tech hunting rifles
MDM Ltd. ~ Muzzleloaders and accessories
Meacham Tool & Hardware Inc. ~ Single shot Highwall and Low-Wall rifles are made to order
Merkel ~ High quality hunting guns
MG Arms, Inc. ~ CK-4™ .223 rifle, Dragonfly revolver, K-Yote™ Varmint System and more
Microtech Small Arms Research (MSAR) ~ STG-556™ Sporting, STG-556™ LE / MIL and STG-E4™
Mitchell's Mausers ~ Fine historical & Modern firearms
MOA Corporation ~ Maker of the unique Maximum single shot, falling block action pistol
Morini Competition Arm S.A. ~ Swiss made competition pistols
Mossberg (O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.) ~ Rifles, shotguns and special purpose firearms
Mossberg International ~ Shotguns, bolt-action rifles, .22 semi-auto rifles and more
Navy Arms ~ Reproduction top break and single action revolvers, rifles, shotguns and muzzleloaders
Nemesis Arms ~ "The tactical .308 that fits in a briefcase"
Nesika ~ Custom hunter, varmint, tactical and competition rifles
Nighthawk Custom® ~ Top grade 1911's, pump and semi-auto shotguns, varmint and tactical rifles
Norica Laurona ~ Shotguns, rifles, air rifles, ammo and more
North American Arms ~ Line of reliable self-protection semi-automatic pistols and revolvers
Noveske Rifleworks, LLC. ~ 5.56mm, 6.8mm SPC, 7.62mm and N4 variants
Oak Arms Ltd. ~ Produce reproduction muzzleloaders fitted with any of a variety of locks.
October Country Muzzleloading, Inc. ~ Muzzleloader rifles and accessories
Ohio Ordnance Works, Inc. ~ 1918A3 SLR, M240 SLR, VZ 2000 and more
Olympic Arms Inc. ~ AR-15 Rifles, carbines, pistols and accessories
ORVIS ~ Hand-built and custom fitted fine shotguns
Para-Ordnance, Inc. ~ Tactical Target Rifle™ (TTR™), 'gun rights' pistols and 1911's
Para USA, Inc. ~ Tactical Target Rifle™ (TTR™), 'gun rights' pistols and 1911's
Pardini ~ IPSC and defence, target pistols and air pistols
Patriot Ordnance Factory, Inc. (POF-USA) ~ P308, PDW, P308PDW, P415 and P416 .223 rifle
Pennsylvania Longrifles, Inc. ~ Custom made longrifles
PGW Defence Technologies Inc. ~ Birthplace of the CF "C14 MRSWS Timberwolf"
Piece of History Firearms ~ Class II Manufacturer, SOT, Repairs, Refinishing, Custom Builds
Piotti ~ Double-barrelled side-by-side shotguns and more
Precision Small Arms ~ Traditional pistols and specialty lines with 24K plating
Professional Arms, LLC ~ Maker of the multi-caliber MK6 weapon system
PTR 91 Inc. ~ PTR91, PTR-32, PTR 44 and PTR-MSG 91 series rifles
Purdey ~ Double rifles, bolt action, side by side and over & under shotguns
Red Rock Arms ~ ATR-1 is a new semi-automatic .223 cal./5.56 mm sporting rifle
Red Jacket Firearms LLC ~ AK type shotguns, rifles and a wide selection of suppressors and more
Reeder Custom Guns ~ Line of 1911's, T/C, revolvers and rifles
Regent Arms ~ Home of the truly affordable R100 1911 handgun
Remington Arms Company, Inc. ~ Complete line of firearms, ammunition and accessories
Remington Law Enforcement ~ Law enforcement division with shotgun, rifles and training info
Remington Military ~ Military products division with sniper, combat and tactical shotguns
Rifles Inc. ~ Nice selection of custom lightweight rifles
Rizzini ~ Italian made premium shotguns - Great intro to their website too
RND Manufacturing, Inc. ~ Selection of .223/5.56 NATO, .308/7.62 NATO, .338 rifles and more
Robar Companies Inc. ~ Custom made SR90, QR2, RC50, SR60 and Thunder Ranch rifles
Robinson Armament Co. ~ Home of the XCR Modular Weapons System
Rock Island Armory (Armscor) ~ 1911 line with .45 and .38 calibers, 9mm and .22 pistols, revolvers
Rock River Arms ~ Custom AR-15 type rifles, parts and accessories
Rohrbaugh Firearms ~ .380 and 9mm series pistols
Rossi USA / Braztech Int., L.C., Inc. ~ Lever action, single shot rifles, shotguns, revolvers and more
RPA International Ltd. ~ Target & Sporting rifles, hunting, multi-purpose and tactical rifles
Ruger (Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.) ~ Huge line of world known pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns
Russian - American Armory Company ~ Saiga rifles and shotguns developed by IZHMASH

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Sabatti ~ Over and under, side-by-side shotguns, single shot and hunting rifles
Sabre Defence Industries ~ Competition Deluxe piston, M4 and M5 Tactical piston carbines
Safety Harbor Firearms, Inc. ~ SHTF 50 Uppers, SHF R/S50 rifles, KEG12 Shotguns
Sako Ltd. ~ Quad rimfire, TRG-22/42 and sako 85 rifles
Sarsilmaz ~ Full line of pistols, revolvers and shotguns
Savage Arms, Inc. ~ Wide selection of rifles, muzzleloaders and shotguns
Sccy Industries LLC ~ CPX-1 9mm pistols and accessories
Schuerman Arms ~ SA40 is a completely new hi-power bolt-action rifle
Serbu Firearms Inc. ~ Home of the BFG-50 and SUPER-SHORTY
Shilen Rifles, Inc. ~ Producing complete rifles that will fill the need of any accuracy minded shooter
Shiloh Sharps Rifles ~ Percussion sport, military and carbine rifles and more
Shooters Arms Manufacturing Incorporated (S.A.M.) ~ 1911's, Tactical rifles and more
SI Defense, Inc. ~ Quality AR-style rifles, uppers & lowers and more
Sig Sauer, Inc. ~ Large selection of pistols, rifles and accessories
Silma ~ Extensive range of sporting and hunting guns
SKB Shotguns ~ Target, Field, side by side, hand engraved and Medallion series shotguns
SLR15 Rifles, Inc. ~ SLR15 series with Commander, Entry, Grail and Operator rifles
Smith & Wesson ~ M&P pistols, revolvers and rifles, shotguns and plenty more
Smith Enterprise, Inc. ~ M1 Garand, M4/M16/AR15, M14 and more
Special Weapons Inc. ~ SW760 rifle, SW760P Pistol/Rifle Combo and SP10 Rifle
Sphinx ~ Swiss made 9mm and .40 caliber pistols for competition, tactical and compact carry
Spider Firearms (Ferret50) ~ Rifles chambered in .50 BMG, .510 DTC, .408 CheyTac and .338 Lapua
Spike's Tactical ~ AR15 SEBR Model-A, ST-15 Carbine, ST-22 M4 Carbine, ST 9mm M4 Carbine
Springfield Armory USA ~ XD pistol line, 1911's and M1A rifles
SSK Industries ~ Uncommon guns for uncommon men
Stag Arms ~ Worldwide Leader in AR15 and M16 Manufacturing
Steyr Arms ~ Hunting and sporting rifles
Steyr Mannlicher ~ Wide range of rifles
STI International, Inc. ~ 1911's, revolvers, pistols and rifles
Stoeger Industries ~ Hunting, cowboy action shooting, and home defense firearms
Superior Arms Inc. ~ Manufacturing AR-15\M-16 style weapons
Surgeon Rifles ~ Tactical rifles, custom rifles, target rifles and custom actions
Tactical Rifles ~ Tactical precision rifles in bolt-action and semi-auto
TALO Distributors Inc. ~ Not a maker but included for their specialty products among manufacturers
Tanfoglio ~ Sport, competition and defence pistol line
Tar-Hunt Custom Rifles, Inc. ~ Bolt action rifled slug guns and custom builds
Taurus International MFG, Inc. USA ~ Pistols and revolvers
Taylor's & Co., Inc. ~ Imported high-quality black powder and cartridge firearms and accessories
TG International, Inc. ~ Military surplus, parts and accessories importer
Thompson/Center Arms ~ Venture, Icon, Encore, muzzleloaders, rimfire and youth rifles
Tikka T3 ~ Sako's Tikka T3 rifle line in hunter, camo, varmint and tactical
TISAS Trabzon Gun Industry Corp. ~ Gorgeous Turkish made Semi-Auto Model 1911's
TNW Firearms, Inc. ~ Semi-Auto Model 1919, the Semi-Auto MG34 and the Semi-Auto M2HB
Tomahawk ~ Semi-auto and pump-action shotguns, air rifles
Traditions Performance Firearms ~ Muzzleloaders
TriStar Sporting Arms, Ltd. ~ Viper semi-automatic & youth shotguns, over & under field shotguns
Truvelo Manufacturers ~ Sniper, assault, hunting rifles, shotguns and pistols from S. Africa
TSM Consulting Extreme Firearms ~ Lightweight Tactical Take Down .50 BMG Caliber Rifles
Turnbull Mfg. Co. ~ 470/475 Turnbull rifle selection and restorations of handguns, rifles and shotguns
U.S. Fire Arms ~ America's Classic gunmaker, cowboy, John Wayne and Magnum Series revolvers
Uberti Firearms ~ Cartridge revolvers, blackpowder revolvers and cartridge rifles
Ultra Light Arms ~ Custom hunting rifles and muzzleloaders
Valkyrie Arms ~ DeLisle Commando Carbine ™
Valtro USA ~ The 1911 styled 1998A1 .45 ACP Pistol and the PM5 Shotgun
Verney-Carron ~ France's oldest hunting gun maker and one of the oldest in the world
VO Gun & Rifle Maker ~ All hand made Swiss rifles with incredible detail
Voere Firearms ~ Hunting and match rifles, caseless ammunition and accessories
Volquartsen Custom ~ State-of-the-art, precision firearms and custom parts
Vulcan Armament ~ AR-15 and AR-180 styled rifles, also a .50 BMG caliber single shot rifle
Walther America ~ Pistols in various calibers and .22 rifles
Watson's Firearms, Inc. ~ .50 BMG rifles
Weatherby, Inc. ~ Full line of shotguns, rifles, ammunition and accessories
Webley International Ltd. ~ Semi-auto, over & under shotguns, air rifles, pistols and accessories
Westley Richards & Co. ~ Three detailed models of shotguns and four models of rifles, all handmade
Wichita Arms, Inc. ~ MK 40, Single Shot and Silhouette Pistols
Wild West Guns ~ Maker of the Alaskan Copilottake down lever action rifle
Wildey Guns ~ .44 Magnum, .45 Magnum, .45 Wildey Magnum and .475 Wildey Magnum pistols
William Evans Ltd. ~ Sidelock 'under and over', 'side-by-side' guns, double barrelled sidelock rifles
William Powell Limited ~ Over and under, side by side shotguns and accessories
Wilson Combat ~ Custom 1911's, UT-15, M-4T, SS-15 Super Sniper, Special Purpose Rifles and more
Winchester Repeating Arms ~ Legendary rifles and shotguns, accessories and ammunition
Yankee Hill Machine Co., Inc. (YHM) ~ 5.56, 6.8mm and 7.62X39mm Black Diamond Carbines
Z-M Weapons ~ Designer and manufacturer of the LR-300 rifle
Zanardini Arms ~ Italian made double trigger rifles and more
Zastava Arms ~ Military, hunting and sporting guns
Ziegenhahn und Sohn OHG ~ Fine quality German made sporting guns
Zoli ~ Competition and hunting shotguns, express and bolt action rifles
AcuSport Corporation ~ Distributor of outdoor and shooting sports products
AIM Surplus ~ Surplus ammunition, rifles, handguns, magazines and more
AmChar Wholesale, Inc. ~ Shot, safes, targets, powder, wads, promo ammunition, etc.
American Shooters Edge ~ Blade-Tech, ISMI Gunsprings, books, target stands and more
Atlantic Firearms, LLC. ~ Federally licensed firearms dealer and distributor for several manufacturers
Bangers ~ Your shooting sports source of many hunting and shooting lines
Big Rock Sports ~ Nearly 500,000 square feet of fishing & shooting sports product
Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd. ~ Distributor of wholesale sporting goods
Blackheart International, L.L.C. ~ Tactical gear, commo equipment, firearms & accessories, med kits
Camfour ~ Serving retailers for over 54 years
CDNN Sports, Inc. ~ Sights, scopes, mags, stocks, cases, parts, accessories and more
Centerfire Systems, Inc. ~ Full line
Champion's Choice ~ Full line
Chattanooga Shooting Supply Inc. ~ No detailed info available
Classic Arms, Inc. ~ AK's, AR's, SKS's and more, plenty of ammo too
Cope's Distributing ~ Specializing in high capacity magazines and accessories
CzechPoint, Inc. ~ vz. 58 rifle line, vz. 61 scorpion pistols, parts and accessories
Davidson's Inc. ~ One of the largest and most progressive firearms wholesalers in America
Ellett Brothers, LLC ~ Firearms, hunting supplies, camping equipment, and marine accessories
Farris Brothers Inc. ~ Fishing and hunting products covering the Southeastern United States
Fox Outdoor Products ~ Importer and distributors of military, tactical and outdoor gear
Graf & Sons, Inc. ~ Full line
Gunarama Wholesale, Inc. ~ Excess of 30 thousand items related to hunting, fishing and camping
Hicks Inc. ~ Fishing, hunting, marine, archery and other outdoor products
Hardigg Distributor ~ Carry the full line of Hardigg Storm Cases
Hill Country Wholesale ~ Your single source for firearms, ammunition, and shooting sports products
Interstate Arms Corp ~ 34 year-old wholesale distributor supplying licensed firearm dealers
Jerry’s Sports Center ~ Wholesale distributor of outdoor sporting goods products
Kiesler Police Supply ~ Law enforcement wholesalers/suppliers of military firearms and ammunition
Kroll International, LLC ~ Nation’s largest wholesaler of law enforcement, tactical, fire and EMS
L.M. Burney Distributors, LLC. ~ Full line distributor
Legacy Sports Int. ~ Distributor of Howa, Puma, Escort, Citadel, Nikko Stirling and Verona
Lew Horton Distributing Co. Inc. ~ Specializing in special edition and custom guns by manufacturers
Lipsey's ~ Wholesale firearms distributor of handguns, shotguns, rifles and accessories
Lone Star Wholesale ~ Knives, knife accessories and knife related tools
Merkel USA ~ U.S. importer and service center
MidwayUSA ~ Distribute shooting, hunting and outdoor products
Military Gun Supply ~ importer & wholesaler of top quality military firearms, surplus guns and more
MKS Supply ~ Distributor of Charter Arms, Hi-Point, Chiappa and more
Numrich Gun Parts Corporation ~ Dealer discounts on a large selection of gun parts
Paraklese Technologies ~ Law enforcement firearms related accessories and survival products
Peach State Guns, LLC ~ Specializing in AK-47's and AR-15's
Riley's Inc. ~ Distributor for the stocking dealer, offering same day service
Royal Tiger Imports, Ltd. ~ AK47 rifles, AK-47 parts, AK accessories, pistols, handguns, ammunition
RSR Group, Inc. ~ National distributor of shooting sports merchandise
Self Defense Supply ~ Wide selection of self defense products
SOG International Inc. ~ Your global connection
Sports South LLC ~ Country's oldest and largest single-source distributor of firearms and ammunition
Sunset Distributors, Ltd. ~ No detailed info available
V.F. Grace Inc. ~ Site currently under construction
Valor Corporation ~ Firearms, ammo, accessories, air powered, knives survival gear and more
W.L. Baumler Company ~ 1744 Iowa Avenue, Lorain, OH 44052 Phone : 440-288-1271
Williams Shooter Supply ~ No detailed info available
Zanders Sporting Goods ~ Full line firearms, hunting and sporting goods distributor

"I just want everyone to know that 20,000 gun laws in the United States are unconstitutional. They infringe on your right to protect your life, the lives of your loved ones, and your property." ~ Michael Badnarik

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